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entertaining with simple & crisp: instant elegance

Whether it’s a birthday party, dinner party, barbecue, holiday soiree or weekly book club gathering, add an instant touch of elegance to your party presentation with dried fruit crisps!

Photo by Annie Brady.

Create luscious libations with Simple & Crisp Orange in a colorful cranberry cooler, Apple with a classic Scotch apple sour, and a delectable pear spritzer garnished with Pear.  Simple & Crisp is elegant, beautiful, and the perfect pairing and accompaniment to cocktails and champagne alike.

In addition to stellar libations, Simple & Crisp will instantly add a wow-factor to any table presentation.  Our fruit crisps are the perfect cracker substitute to showcase and enhance the rich flavors of your favorite party appetizers and desserts.  For example, try pairing Simple & Crisp Pear with prosciutto for a healthy charcuterie presentation, Apple with creamy brie or sharp cheddar for a gluten-free cheese plate, or Orange with chocolate fondue for a beautiful dessert display — food for thought never looked this good.

photo by

Photos by Elena Erlandson.

We invite you to entertain and indulge your guests a little more guilt-free by savoring Simple & Crisp at your next soiree instead of wheat-based crackers or toast.  Imagine delicate Oranges paired with chunks of intense, nutty cheddar; tart Apple crisps dipped in sweet caramel and sprinkled with cinnamon; or flavorful Pears enhanced by rich triple cream drizzled with honey.

Simple & Crisp

Simple & Crisp will add instant sophistication to your entertaining endeavors with palette pleasing flavors combined with the beautiful aesthetics of nature.  Gluten-free, glamorous, and gourmet, Simple & Crisp is a simple solution to dietary restricted party-goers and health-conscious guests; it is the perfect entertaining staple for any expert or aspiring host or hostess.

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