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farm-to-table fall: tieton cider works, fall harvest in a bottle

Creative Director at Tieton Cider Works, Sharon Campbell, is reinterpreting traditional cider-making one blend at a time.  She also takes a moment to share a few tasty farm-to-table fall pairings with us!
Simple & Crisp - Sharon & Craig Campbell

Sharon and Craig Campbell of Tieton Cider Works.

Why we love them:

Sharon and Craig Campbell founded Tieton Cider Works in 2008, and since it’s inception, have been churning out delicious, hand-crafted ciders using fruit from their own ranch, Harmony Orchards.  The higher elevation of their orchards produces incredibly delicious varieties of apples, apricots, pears, and cherries – all of which get incorporated into their many unique blends.

Sharon and Craig’s passion for their land, harvest, and everything that comes with it is evident with each sip of their complex, full-bodied, artisanal ciders.  Perfect with food or incredible on their own – pair with your fall favorites and enjoy!

Absolute favorite fall weather food – what do you crave when the weather starts to turn?

Soup!  Love it when the house starts to smell wonderful from “something” on the stove.  Anything with a grain like quinoa, spinach or tomato lentil – from Deborah Madison’s.  Our Apricot Cider pairs perfectly with a potato chowder.

When did you and your husband decide to start Tieton Cider Works?

In 2007, a friend took a cider making class at Cornell.  She knew that Craig loved apple trees and that he was looking for new varieties to plant.  In the beginning, Craig was interested in planting the varieties necessary for making cider.  As he began his research, he spoke with a company on Sauvie Island in Oregon.  They wanted to sell their equipment and we purchased apples from them for the first few years production while our orchards were growing.

Simple & Crisp - Tieton Orchard

Your ciders are absolutely delicious.  What do you think sets them apart?

Thank you.  Our cider maker has a wine making background and all of our ciders are very well blended.  We insist that our ciders have flavor profiles with a beginning, middle, and a finish.  Secondly, we are growing the fruit for our ciders and have a branch to bottle process where every process for our cider happens under one roof: pressing fermentation and bottling.  Lastly, we spend a lot of time talking about, thinking about, and experimenting with the fruit that we grow and understanding the type of cider it can become.

What is your all time favorite blend?  Either that you currently make or have experimented with in the past?

Isn’t this question like which of your children is the favorite?! Our Precipice Perry (which is in limited production until the orchards are older) is my favorite.  There is a minerality to it like limestone.  It is bone dry and can replace champagne as a bubbly beverage.  I am also most excited about where this product “will go” as the trees mature, the fruit becomes older, we have more to experiment with…and it remains to be seen what the American market will think of this product.

Simple & Crisp - Tieton Bottles

We love your ideas for food and cider pairings!  What ciders pair best with heavier fall favorites – any perfect pairing suggestions for a fall meal?

Thank you for noticing our new website page.  I have six stews/soups to prepare with Olaiya Land in the next two weeks (she is wonderful to have in my kitchen to tweak recipes).  The potato chowder I mentioned above is fabulous with the Apricot.  The Yakima Valley Dry Hopped Cider is one that I love with creamy roasted squash soups or stews.  And I haven’t tested this one yet, but I am thinking that bison chili (from Andrew Weil’s new True Food) is going to be perfect with our Cherry (it is terrific with spicy food!).

Tonight I am making a tomato-braised tuna from True Food and I can’t wait to try the Tieton Blend and our Cidermaker’s Reserve with it.

What are your perfect farm-to-table fall cider pairings with Simple & Crisp?

1. Simple & Crisp Apple topped with Tieton Farm & Creamery Bianca (or any soft chevre will do) drizzled lightly with Ballard Bee Company BH Honey or any Orange Blossom honey and paired with Tieton Frost, our ice cider (Laura Chenel’s Chevre comes in a honey flavored – tried that one also and it was great, but I like the terroir of our local creamery).

Tieton Cider with Simple & Crisp Apple

2. Simple & Crisp Pear topped with Theo Chocolate Coconut Curry slightly softened and enjoyed with Yakima Valley Dry Hopped Cider (I can’t take full credit for this pairing, the folks at Theo came up with the curry + YV Dry Hopped – I added the Pear Crisp and softened the chocolate).

Tieton Cider with Simple & Crisp Apple

3. I made a tomato soup and replaced the croutons with Simple & Crisp Orange spread with Rogue River Blue Cheese I used a wide mouthed bowl so that I could place three on top of the soup.  I had the guests let the Orange soften before eating – they were from Mainland China and they loved it.  At first I tried a milder cheese but the Orange and the soup could take the depth and strength of the blue.  My tomato soup recipe is always a hybrid of Deborah Madison and Tom Douglas.  Pair this dish with our Wild Washington Apple Cider.

Tieton Cider with Simple & Crisp Orange

For more information on Tieton Cider Works, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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