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cheers to 2014 with blood orange bubbly! – holiday joy

The big day is coming—time to raise your glass & cheers to an exciting new year!  Pull out your champagne flutes & glitter; we’ve got the perfect celebratory Blood Orange Bubbly Cocktails with Simple & Crisp Blood Orange!

Blood Orange Bubbly

New Years is all about the celebration—enjoying the memories and experiences that the past year brought, while looking forward to all the possibilities of the New Year.  And the best way to celebrate the occasion is with the perfect drink, so everyone can cheers to 2014.  Our Blood Orange Bubbly is the best cocktail to ring in the New Year with style and sophistication!  Let the countdown begin!

It’s so simple—here’s how:

Combine cherry and blood orange juice.  Pour 2 tablespoons of juice into each glass and fill with chilled champagne.  Garnish glass with a Simple & Crisp Blood Orange; makes 12 cocktails.

Blood Orange Bubbly

Cheers to a fruitful 2014!

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