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12th man essentials for your super bowl party: game day provisions

Everything you need to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks during your Super Bowl XLVIII party – your game day 12th man essentials that celebrate both the team & the city!

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Provisions

Disclaimer: we’re based in Seattle, so we’re rooting for our home team!  But regardless of which team you’ll be cheering for on Sunday, here are our picks for game day essentials!

We undoubtedly have the loudest fans in the NFL – our roars and cheers have caused multiple earthquakes at CenturyLink Field.  But everyone knows that actions speak louder than words, and with that logic, the 12th Man is louder than it’s ever been before.

The city is gloriously painted in blue and green, with colored lights shining like beacons from skyscrapers.  The entire skyline is dotted with office buildings whose lights are beaming in the shape of a 12.  Everywhere you turn, there’s a 12th Man flag hanging from a storefront window or rippling in the wind on top of a car.  Almost every store is sold out of Skittles and you can’t walk down the street without passing at least a couple Hawks jerseys.

The hometown pride of the Seattle Seahawks is hard to ignore.  We’ve watched their incredible season in awe (and we’ve endured every heart-pounding game against the 49ers).  We’ve loyally supported our boys through all types of adversity – from Percy Harvin’s multiple injuries to Richard Sherman’s interview frenzy, Derrick Coleman’s personal success story to Marshawn Lynch’s media struggles.

But the 12th Man spirit is bigger than the team and the championship; it’s an overwhelming pride for our city.  In celebration of our hometown heroes, as well as the city we call home, we’re going all out for Game Day.  Here are some essential 12th Man provisions for your Super Bowl party this Sunday – to help you cheer on the Hawks while also wearing some Seattle pride.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Provisions

Finger Food:

A Seattle spin on a game day classic: chili dip topped with Beecher’s Flagship White Cheddar and scooped with Simple & Crisp Apple.  Forget your typical chips – Simple & Crisp Apple is just as crunchy, but lighter, healthier, and the perfect flavor complement to chili!


Every game needs chilled beer!  We love the Seahawks branded beers, like Hilliard’s “12th Can” and Dick’s Brewing Co.’s “12th Man Pale Ale.”  Or you can opt for some local classics, like Pike Brewing Co., Georgetown Brewing, Mac & Jack’s, Red Hook, and Rainier Beer.

Something Sweet:

Can’t forget the Skittles for Beast Mode, of course!  Go Hawks!


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