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5 Winter Cocktail Favorites

Winter is Coming. But rather than bracing yourself by shriveling and shivering, liven up and warm your cold evenings with a delicious winter cocktail. Sure, you may feel hesitant at going to your local bar and shelling out a fortune on numerous drinks. However, many of your favorite winter cocktails can in fact be made from the comforts of your home. Better yet, with the season changing once again, your local stores are almost guaranteed to stock some seasonal ingredients such as cloves and cinnamon and have winter favorites such as brandy or whiskey on special.

So whether you decide curl by the fire with a glass in hand or host a winter-themed cocktail party, now is the perfect time to bring out some classic recipes. Discover some of our favorite winter cocktails from our favorite websites and how you can make them!

citrus manhattan


If you have seen the television show Mad Men, the Manhattan is one Peggy Olson’s drinks of choice when she is outside the offices of Sterling Cooper. This winter cocktail is absolutely perfect for the season; its bitter flavor is sure to keep the senses active and warm. By mixing together rye whisky, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters, this strong cocktail is sure to be party favorite!

irish coffee

One of the most appealing winter drinks is also one of the easiest to make! A single cup of freshly brewed coffee mixed with an ounce and a half of Irish whiskey and a tablespoon of brown sugar, topped with some delectable whipped cream. Makes for a great fireside companion or even a post-dinner drink!

hot toddy

For those of your who still want a warm winter drink but want to avoid the caffeinated “kick” of the Irish Coffee, a Hot Toddy is absolutely the way to go. Instead of a fresh cup of coffee, all you need is a cup of boiled water, a teaspoon of sugar, a lemon peel, and your favorite brand of whisky. Adding seasonal ingredients such as cinnamon and cloves only brings Hot Toddies more Winter-y goodness and is highly recommended!


This may seem like a simplified cocktail, but there is more than meets the eye for this Clove and Pear Red Wine Sour. Combining red wine with bourbon, half an ounce of easy to make pear and clove simple syrup, along with egg white, lemon juice and ice and you’ve got a winter cocktail that cannot be beat. Add a Simple & Crisp Pear to garnish!

pear rosemary cocktail

“C’Mon!” you say, “All of these drinks have been so bland in color and we’ve seen these all before!” Well how about we offer you one of our favorites that we made ourselves? This Pear Rosemary cocktail, several different vodkas, juices, sparkling water, rosemary syrup and a Simple & Crisp pear to garnish is an absolute blast of winter flavors that is sure to stand out on a row of cocktails. This concoction is sure to impress your guests who are looking for something more colorful in both aesthetic and color.

Did we miss any other holiday cocktails? What are some of your favorites?

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