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Simple & Stunning: HealthyFashionista is an Inspiring Woman on a Mission

Something as simple as an apple, orange, or pear can be absolutely stunning!

Beauty, brains, and style,  Dr. Michele Burklund of  is an inspiring woman on a mission teaching and sharing her tips on healthy living (in a fashion-forward way). When she’s not covering nutrition, diet and lifestyle (and fashion) in her blog, she’s a practicing physician specializing in holistic health and preventative medicine, seeing patients, as well as taking photographs, writing books, traveling, and speaking around the globe (we told you she’s impressive!) Here’s a little excerpt from her Simple & Crisp encounter.

“For those who don’t know me personally, I could be perfectly content just eating fruit all day long. So, imagine how excited I was when I came across this super chic company called Simple & Crisp that offers dried fruit as a unique, antioxidant-rich, naturally gluten-free cracker alternative. What a brilliant idea! Yummy snacks without the guilt.” (click here to reach more)

Photo by Dr. Michele Burklund of


Photo by Dr. Michele Burklund of


Photo by Dr. Michele Burklund of

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