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With a love for entertaining and hosting dinner parties for friends, former publicist - now Chief Pairing Purveyor – Jane Yuan used her homemade, delicately dried fruit crisps as a healthier, elegant way to serve cheese, appetizers, cocktails and desserts. It was a hit with friends and the aha moment was born! Jane launched Simple & Crisp in November 2012 to introduce dried fruit as a unique, antioxidant-rich, naturally gluten-free cracker alternative. Handcrafted in Seattle, our mission is to make food fun, colorful and healthy, while creating an inspiring centerpiece that brings people together.

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the perfect pairing

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and deliciously pleasing to the palette, Simple & Crisp is great on its own or the perfect pairing for any epicurean experience from savory to sweet, to cheese, chocolate, canapés, coffee to champagne — the possibilities are endless. Our team of pairing purveyors are always in search of the perfect Simple & Crisp pairing to enhance any culinary craving.

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superfood benefits

The simplicity of nature in every bite, Simple & Crisp is delicately dried to lock in the best of nature.

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sustainable growers

Picked at the peak of perfection from sustainable growers, we seek to keep our ingredients and sourcing as simple as possible by working with orchards who adhere to responsible, ethical and honest agricultural practices. We follow the growing seasons and hand select our fruit for optimal sizing, sweetness, ripeness and flavor so we don’t need to add complicated ingredients before drying – we like to keep things Simple & Crisp!

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