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Simple & Crisp’s November Giveaway Set!

The First Entry In Simple & Crisp’s Giveaway Series. Enter to Win Today!

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Simple & Crisp Apple_Thanksgiving Inspirations 2

taste of thanksgiving: apple crisps with turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce

Take your traditional turkey and deconstruct it with a stunning new twist – it’s Thanksgiving in a bite!

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Simple & Crisp Orange_Thanksgiving inspiration

taste of thanksgiving: orange crisps with ham, gruyere & mustard

Give your honey-glazed ham an extra pop of flavor with an innovative new spin on this classic holiday recipe!

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pear, chevre & butternut squash crisps

holiday joy: pear, chevre & butternut squash crisps

These pear, chevre & butternut squash crisps wonderfully balance hints of savory and sweet, making an adorable appetizer to add instant elegance and delight your guests.

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Top 5 Healthy Tailgating Snacks with Simple & Crisp

As the leaves begin to change colors and the air becomes brisk it’s obvious that fall is starting to descend upon us. Another telltale sign that autumn has commenced is the roar of cheering football fans.

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